04-12-05 MONTREAL post-show THREAD

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04-12-05 MONTREAL post-show THREAD

Postby Wyzdom » Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:08 am

Woohoo! nice show that was!

I'll come back later with my pictures also ;)

Post all your impression / stuff here!!!
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Postby ninetynine » Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:20 am

WOW! what a show, highlights for me were: Behind the Wheel, world in my eyes, never let me down and somebody! The crowd just went wild during behind the wheel. I thought Dave had an amazing stage presence. I never should have got floor seats, I was all the way in the back , it was very hard to see i'm short! Had fun though!
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Postby Neo_19 » Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:07 am

Hmmmm how come element hasn't posted a thread yet ....lol

Alright, here is my review. For those who don't remember any of my previous review from previous shows, or those who don't know me at all I'm no short reviewer. So if you don't like long posts...move along.

As for the rest of ya ...

I'll be quick in talking about pre-show stuff. First off when I got my tix of the phone with Admission, within 25 min the only seats available where those with limited view behind the stage. So expectations where pretty high. I thought to myself...woah, this place will rock.

A few things hinted to my expectations when we first arrive into montreal. We were looking for a place to eat and went to check at St-Hubert ... year right, jam packed. 40 mins worth of wait, but hey, how cool ! They're playing the angel in here ! I thought "a damn, that was the place to be !!!!" (and I did have a little thought for my fellow boardies who were meeting there, hope you had a good time)

So we got to another place called peel pub I think... not sure about the name. Walked in and ... what do you know ! They're playing the Angel here too !!! I thought it was rather cool! DM were just everywhere !! People even cheered in the restaurent when Precious came on !! There I was thinking to myself once more that this was going to be a hell of a night !!

And that, it was .

Section 102 is the place, great seat. Great view. I was getting nervous. Don't know why, just the hole anticipation. I was working crazy for 8 days in a row. This morning I worked from 8 - 3, I didn't have much time to sit around and think about the gig until just a few hours ago, and here I was. I was so pissed about being that busy lately that I knew I was going to let it all out.

The very cool DJ set started to go to heavy beats and got people screaming and clapping just before the lights went down to announce the arrivial of the electro-god band. Very simple intro by the band members walking on stage to a mix of Introspectre and instrumental part of I want it all. But the modes were warmly wecomed and the crowd was pleased to hear the upbeats of APTIUT. Even if people didn't sign along to all the new songs, you could see and hear their enthousiasm. JTR was pretty good and QOT really got the place dancing and rocking. POT and Precious were verry well received but walking in my shoes really lit up the hole building. Verry well performed and great visuals, flawless. Suffer well was absolutly amazing and with the reaction of the crowd it was obvious to me that this song will have a long living amongs mode fans.

Like in most gigs Martin's part did slow things down but it's pretty much the case at any gig really, so I wasn't suprised to see a few people quickly rush out only to come back to sign along to the end of Home wich was really well done with the new mix and all. Sinner in me got the crowd back to the state of wilderness and I feel you got the place shaking again ! ... but right before the middle instrumental pard Mr Gahan lost a bit of voice for a fraction of a second wich got me worried. One of the guys that came along with us had seen them only once before in Montreal when Dave lost his voice to condemnation in 93... I thought "nahhh we can't get that unlucky !!" But fears were quickly shaken off. After a zip of water and honey, Dave got back into signing in top form. Wich by the way was astonishing. I had not heard Dave sign so well in years. I'm not kidding. He sounded terrific.

Needless to say Behind the wheel got the crowd to explode like a volcano. Hundreds of people where jumping up and down. It was a madhouse. From then on it was non stop histeria up to the climaxing NLMDA. We were left to cool off to Goodnight lovers and out we went into the freezing winter and our souls on fire.

Throughout the show I was thrilled on how excited Martin was. To me he was the high point of the night. It helped of course that I was on his side of the stage, but DAMN ! He was just enjoying every minute of it ! I've never seen him so active on stage and we all LOVED it !!!! Specialy at the end of Home when he went to the catwalk to slap some hands and then to our side to get us to cheer for him, it was just awesome ! It seemed like he was giving himself as if it was the last time he was ever to perform !

Dave was as good as ever, some people I knew there were at their first DM concert and they were just amazed how energetic he was. For me I thought Dave seemed just a bit tired but that he was just giving all he had left. On the other hand he amazed me with the perfection of his vocals tonight. I know I already said that, but I'm just still stunned about it.

Wile walking out of the event I could only hear good comments amongs all the people I was coming over. As for all the montreal shows I've attended, (singles, Exciter and this one.) It was easily the best. At all levels, sound, lights, screens, vocals ... I just cannont find anything negative worth mentioning.

Great job DM and thanks for this great night.

Hope you all had a good time in montreal and I wish all of you a great tour. But I'm sure you all will, as the modes are just at their very best.

A Pain That I'm Used To
John The Revelator
A Question Of Time
Policy Of Truth
Walking In My Shoes
Suffer Well
Damaged People
I Want It All
The Sinner In Me
I Feel You
Behind The Wheel
World In My Eyes
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence

1st Encore
Just Can't Get Enough
Everything Counts

2nd Encore
Never Let Me Down Again
Goodnight Lovers
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Postby itsybitsymarie » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:16 pm

my my neo, great post! i really enjoyed reading all of this!

i'd like to say something too but i'm way too deep into withdrawal and post-partum blues right now to write anything worthy of being written. uhhh.

i'm gonna try and put up a couple pictures online soon though. somehow i managed to snap quite a few decent ones.

Postby itsybitsymarie » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:19 pm

and. it's 6:22am and i still can't sleep.

my throat hurts.


Postby ZenMode » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:47 pm

I'm still crying about not being able to attend last night's DM concert in Montreal. Saw them on Thursday in Toronto and thought they were just spectacular. Was anyone at both shows to make a comparsion with the band's performance and crowd reactions?

Somebody, please share and upload a recording of this Montreal show like the "Toronto full concert thread". Merci beaucoup!!! ;)
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Postby DressedInBlack » Mon Dec 05, 2005 1:00 pm

I would love to hear from those who went to Toronto and Montreal as far as comparision goes. I am guessing the Montreal crowd was huge and uber pumped, but perhaps those of you who went to both can enlighten us ;)

(Yes always comparing ourselves ;))

Postby Neo_19 » Mon Dec 05, 2005 4:09 pm

I didn't go to Toronto. All I can say is I would estimate attendance to 12 000 in montreal. I beleive there crowd was rather loud, my friend and I thought people were less into it than in 2001 but we realised that last time around we weren't so close to the speakers. But visiualy you can definatly say that everyone was cheering their asses off. Well ..everyone, like always there are those exceptional people who just sit there. I realised that some of them are coming along with their girlfriend or boyfriend and are just not into it as much as their mate.. rather funny.

I will post pics as soon as my brother gets me the wires for his camera. Of course, the dumbass forgot to give it to me. LOL He was kind enough to let me brign it though, so I shouldn't complain.
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Postby SecretGarden » Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:06 pm

I'm still post partum from my front rows last night. Right in front of dave :icon_eek: ...will have some pictures later in the week. My friend had the camera...
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