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Why is this forum "Read-Only"?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 6:59 pm
by Admin
These forums (Martin L. Gore and Dave Gahan's solo forums) have been turned into "read-only" forums. Why?


Both solo projects are over now. The band are now working on a new album. These forums have not really seen much action. When there was actions, these forums were being turned into "general conversation" forums, which they were not designed for (we do not have "not-DM/Dave/Martin/Fletch related" areas, for a few reasons). As such, these areas have been turned into "read-only" forums. You can still read the forums, but if you want to make a Dave/Martin/Depeche Mode post, you should now make it in the main Depeche Mode area.

If either Dave or Martin start on another solo project, these boards will open back up. Until then, please move onto the main Depeche Mode board. Thank you.