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Postby sherley » Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:04 pm

My son and I both want to see it very much but my experience at California when I went for his memorial just left me soooo emotionally drained, I can't bear to go through that again. :(

It's a long story...for my first pregnancy, I cried A LOT from the second month of gestation, as I found out the dearest person in the world to me (my godma...who was right up there with my hubby on my list) was dying of cancer. From month 2 onwards, every single day was filled with tears. It was a very bittersweet pregnancy. So, of course, I am determined to enjoy this one (It's a girl, btw, guys...which is nice, since I already have a boy!:)).

Anyway, I had no idea I was pregnant at the time of MJ's memorial...all I knew was that I cried everywhere I went...his memorial at Staples, his rented home, his star at the Walk of Fame, his statue at the Wax Museum...his music just being played...everything! It completely drained me.

The other thing that's keeping me away from theatres right now is fear of swine flu (crowded places)...pregnant woman are especially vulnerable to being hit hard by it. :eek:

So, I have decided I will wait for the DVD to come out and watch it post-pregnancy. I'm sure I would have much preferred the cinema experience though. I certainly would have liked to have contributed to ticket sales too.
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Postby Cheetara101 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:55 pm

I saw the movie/documentary "This Is It" today...

I didn't get a chance to see it as soon as I wanted to but I'm glad I saw it today. I was very emotional as I had predicted. :( There's also great joy in my heart because Michael Jackson wanted to pass on the message of: LOVE to the world.:)

I think the movie was well done and in good taste. Everyone seem to have enjoyed working with Michael on the rehearsals. Michael was a perfectionist. He wanted every move and every musical note to be just right. I remembered that he was taught to be a showman at the very beginning--to get it right from the start ever since he was a child. His father Joe Jackson drilled that into Michael and his brothers. Joe wanted the Jackson 5 to be nothing less than PERFECT.

I know in my heart--the concert tour (This Is It) would have been one of the greatest shows ever performed this century. I was a bit angry too because I feel like we have been cheated. The people who killed Michael Jackson robbed us of having more joy as well as more raw entertainment. More importantly, we were robbed of a true humanitarian.

There is NO doubt that I will see this film again and again. When it becomes available on dvd, I will be sure to add it to my dvd collection. As I watched the film, I kept thinking of his fans, family and more importantly his children. I know it will be painful for them to watch it whenever they find the strength to do so.


MJ rest in peace. I love you.:(
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