A song from each album

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A song from each album

Postby reverse-chronicles » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:51 pm

If you were to choose the only song from each album, what your compilation would look like? Oftentimes, after some exposure to a new album, I'm liking different songs from those that catch my attention during the first week or two weeks. And the further it goes, the more I move from hits to so-called 'B-sides'. Do you have the same experience?

Here's my list at the moment:

1. Spirit: Going Backwards;
2. Delta Machine: Should Be Higher;
3. Sounds of the Universe: Come Back;
4. Playing the Angel: Suffer Well;
5. Exciter: Comatose;
6. Ultra: Insight;
7. Songs of Faith and Devotion: In Your Room;
8. Violator: Sweetest Perfection;
9. Music for the Masses: Nothing;
10. Black Celebration: Here Is the House;
11. Some Great Reward: Somebody;
12. Construction Time Again: The Landscape Is Changing;
13. A Broken Frame: Shouldn't Have Done That;
14. Speak & Spell: Big Muff;
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Re: A song from each album

Postby BOSTIK » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:42 am

Nice idea, I'm widening the scope by including some bonus tracks/B-sides

1. Spirit: Going Backwards
2. Delta Machine: Broken
3. Sounds of the Universe: Oh Well
4. Playing the Angel: Suffer Well
5. Exciter: I Feel Loved
6. Ultra: Freestate
7. Songs of Faith and Devotion: Walking in My Shoes
8. Violator: Halo
9. Music for the Masses: Behind the Wheel
10. Black Celebration: Black Celebration
11. Some Great Reward: Something To Do
12. Construction Time Again: And Then
13. A Broken Frame: The Sun & The Rainfall
14. Speak & Spell: Ice Machine
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Re: A song from each album

Postby DMmomma » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:42 pm

Spirit: Going Backwards
Delta: Broken
SOTU: Wrong
PTA: Sinner in Me
Exciter: Goodnight Lovers
Ultra: Insight
SOFAD: Condemnation
Violator: Waiting for the Night
MFTM: Never Let Me Down Again
Black Celebration: A Question of Lust
SGR: People are People
CTA: Everything Counts
ABF: Nothing to Fear
SAS: What’s Your Name
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