Favourite album track that should have got a single release

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Favourite album track that should have got a single release

Postby Exciter10 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:20 am

Favourite album track that (IMO) should have got a single release

Speak & Spell - Puppets
A Broken Frame - Shouldn't Have Done That
Construction Time Again - Told You So
Some Great Reward - Stories Of Old
Black Celebration - New Dress
MFTM - Sacred
Violator - Clean
SOFAD - Mercy In You
Ultra - Sister Of Night
Exciter - I Am You
Playing The Angel - Sinner In Me
SOTU - Corrupt
Delta Machine - Broken/Alone (Double A Side)
Spirit - You Move/So Much Love (Double A Side again) I know they both got the B side remix treatment
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Re: Favourite album tracks that should have got a single rel

Postby EmpressTouch » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:58 am

For Playing The Angel I'd have liked to have heard an extended version of Fragile Tension because it seemed that Martin simply didn't finish the song after the second verse. The MID and third chorus/verse included, with the calibre of lyrics Martin has always been capable of writing, would have been wonderful to hear - a vocal Easy Tiger CD single extended mix-like recording, if you prefer.

Similarly for The Landscape Is Changing - especially when the track fades out at the end.
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Re: Favourite album track that should have got a single rele

Postby davegahan1ca » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:07 am

The song, "Fragile Tension" is from the album "Sounds of the Universe". Also, it was released as a single w. "Hole To Feed".

One of my pics would be "Black Celebration". It's a great song and although there was the "Black Tulip Mix" as well as a re-constructed version called "Black Day", I always thought it had the qualities to carry itself as its own single.
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Re: Favourite album track that should have got a single rele

Postby BOSTIK » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:28 am

I like this idea, here goes

Speak & Spell – “Any Second Now (Voices)”, I’ve always like this ballad, its sounds woul’ve been a perfect fit for the 1981 singles chart era.

A Broken Frame – “My Secret Garden”, the riffs are just tailor made for the radio. It’s very catchy, a real earwig. TSATR is the album’s finest, but MSG would’ve been more suitable for single release. They really missed a trick here.

Construction Time Again – “And Then”, very typical of the 1983 radio fare, and onE of the stronger tracks on CTA

Some Great Reward – “Something to Do” – an absolute belter.

Black Celebration – The title track, it’d have been a better choice than QOL which despite being a fine song is really more of an album track.

MFTM – “The Things You Said”. Though the single choice from this album were fine picks, this one would’ve been a nice alternative.

Violator – “Halo”. It’s just magic, I’d have released this instead of WIME.

SOFAD – “Rush”. Take that grunge.

Ultra – “Freestate”, I love the sounds on this.

Exciter – “The Sweetest Condition” instead of “Freelove”. 4 singles were plenty from this one.

Playing The Angel – I think they chose the best single picks from PTA. I’d agree with @Exciter10 that “The Sinner In Me” could’ve been a single.

SOTU – “Corrupt” is a good call, very underrated track, good to see it getting airings on the recent tour. “Hole to Feed” had no business being a single.

Delta Machine – “Secret to The End” – especially if it could’ve been released about 1984. DM has some real gems, “Broken” is mighty too.

Spirit – “So Much Love”, always thought those nasal vocals were with a view to a futire single release, in addition to the riffs.
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Re: Favourite album track that should have got a single rele

Postby charlesfouret » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:48 am

Very good topic, thanks!

Told You So
Lie To Me
Nothing's impossible
In Sympathy
My Little Universe
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