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PLEASE Read Before You Post!

Postby steventoo » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:11 pm

Hey guys, I've cleaned up a TON of duplicate threads the past few days thanks to some help. This is very time consuming and I'd rather spend my time here doing other things, such as having conversations with fellow fans. So how can you help?

-Please scan the first couple of pages of the board for your topic before you make a new post.
-If you don't find your topic, use the search function to do a more thorough search.
-If you still don't see your topic, THEN you should start a new thread.

Those of you who continue posting threads without doing a little work before hand will be looking very silly when I merge your thread with the existing thread and you ask a question that everyone else is already answering.

Please visit this helpful post (that's also linked at the top of every page of this board) for additional information:
"If it's as boring as this, we won't stay long." ~ Martin L. Gore
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