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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:10 pm
by basty_goofy
Miles Away is the most debated track. I personally love it(with a lot of other people) and some people just plain hate it.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:40 pm
by Excitable
basty_goofy wrote:Miles Away is the most debated track. I personally love it(with a lot of other people) and some people just plain hate it.

It's the only track I can't get my head round although it does sound a lot better in 5.1.

Peace I like one day & struggle with the next.

In Symapthy is a bit forgetable. It's the only song that hasn't been going round in my head.

The rest of the album more than makes up for these short commings though. I think it is excellent. Perhaps it could have been 11 tracks, with the above 3 taken out & Ghost added in. That's not my descion though !

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:56 pm
by Excitable
devotee wrote:

and here is what i feel the problem is.....ben hillier as producer..

he just does not get mode or he is trying to pull them in another dierction which i dont like...i listen to this album and i just keep getting the feeling its not done yet...all the songs are there for the taking...but just not by ben hillier....he unfortunately just does not do it for me ...

bring back flood, gareth jones, brian eno, dan millier, even bring in brat and our own mega mixer dominatrix into mix, (the next album), go back to what worked. (do i dare even suggest bringing back alan wilder, not as a band member, but as a producer and let him produce the music.)...
i know mode are pioneers in this field of music, and i really to appreciate the fact that they still enjoying bringing out albums (lucky us)...but when i find myself, playing the mix versions by the fans on certain internet sites than listening to the orginal album version then i think something is a miss......(come back studio mix is brilliant , raw and powerful, dominatrix mix is also mind blowing)......

I think you are giving too much responsibilty to Ben Hillier for the end product.

You need to take a long hard listen to the demo's in the box set & watch the 'making of' film again.

The demo's are not a million miles away from the end product, infact if you listen to Dave's demo of Come Back it is he that has the harsh clanging sound in the back ground that some people are disliking when they compare it to the acoustic version, so clearly it was the band that wanted that sound in.

From the making of film you can clearly see that whilst BH might add the wizardry in getting to the sound there is very much a clear direction (and change of direction if they want it) from the band members, engineers, mixers & Daniel Miller. I think you can rest assured that BH has been directed by the whole team which direction to produce the album and/or individual tracks.

Apart from anything else you can clearly see the effort & talent that has gone into the album wether you like the end result or not unless we are going to write, produce, mix and perform something better then who are we to criticise !

I for one like what Mr Hillier has brought to the latest incarnation of the band & IMO to wish for a backward step to past producers would be a step backwards.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:59 pm
by DAG
My biggest gripe with the album is that someone didn't leave well enough alone.

I've told a few of my friends this, you know that person at work who has OCD and they write a report? At first the report is great, it's well thought out, the flow is good, it's concise and to the point. Then they start messing with it. Adding words here and there switching around paragraphs. Next thing you know, you've got this rambling, wordy mess and no one wants to read it. It's kind of like that for me.

There's too much stuff happening in each of the songs. Too many different sounds and mostly it sounds "noisy"

I gotta say though, Miles Away/Truth Is, by far, my favorite song on the album :D


PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:05 pm
by gdeleon101
I have to disagree with most people's comments on this thread so far. I have long been a fan of depeche mode. Have all their albums/cds, and the funny thing is that after all those great early albums, I'm really enjoying the post- alan wilder band. I can't explain it, but it is a sort of vibe. The music seems to make more sense now than before. Don't get me wrong, I will always enjoy the strength of say..."Never Let Me Down Again", blaring out of my speakers, but it is a different time. Not sure how to put my finger on it, but in my opinion, everyone's reliance on the meaning of the lyrics or the artwork, or the music not being strong or not breaking in the right place etc, is overrated. When I listen to a cd from the band, I get into what mood or mode they were in. It makes the songs matter more. I mean, c'mon, there are some really questionable songs throughout their entire catalog, that probably won't make sense to many of my friends, but either way, I love them all. It all about just hearing what the band is saying!

By the way, love the new cd. It doesn't have to make sense, just groove with it!!! While we still can!!!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:45 pm
by DMFan68
basty_goofy wrote:Miles Away is the most debated track. I personally love it(with a lot of other people) and some people just plain hate it.

Yes me too!! Infact I think it has a Personal Jesus Bluesy feel to it. I think Dave's best song on the album!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:49 pm
by tex
I guess that my very small gripe is how Dave's songs don't really fit the overall flow or theme of the album. I do like all of Dave's songs, and I think that they're better than his PTA songs even though I like his PTA songs quite a bit. However, his songs do provide nice breaks for the album.

Usually, it takes a few listens for me to embrace totally a new DM album, but I was already hooked halfway through the album upon my very first listen yesterday. So, as one can tell, I don't have much to complain about at all. Great, great album.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:20 pm
by daveirl
DMFan68 wrote:Yes me too!! Infact I think it has a Personal Jesus Bluesy feel to it. I think Dave's best song on the album!

Im in the "hate" group..Its an average b side track and is pure filler.

Other than that I think at this stage its a pretty good album sound wise although lyrics are a bit hit and miss...oh for "WIMS".......

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:41 pm
by depechemoding
Hydrology wrote:For me its the song Peace - theres other songs I find on the album equally weak, but this is a song that I would be embarrassed to play in front of friends and family.

lol, I know what you mean but it would have been a great song if it weren't for the "cheeze" factor of "peeeeaaaaccce wiiiiilllllll coooome....."

My one gripe would be that it didn't include some of the web clip creativity (like in #'s 3 and 8) we all heard leading up to the album. #8 would have been such an awesome interlude or instrumental track.

It also bugs me when I like demos and remixes better than album versions but all in all, SOTU really deserves everyone to give it time to grow on you.