Concert Venues causing you to CANCEL at the last minute

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Concert Venues causing you to CANCEL at the last minute

Postby Zacmoder » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:24 pm


It's been years since I last posted..
I missed the last tour...had to cancel at the last minute

Let me explain
Did my usual, booked tickets as soon as they were on sale..booked for Birmingham
2 weeks before seeing the boys went to check the tickets & upon looking at the tickets suddenly realised it wasn't at the N.E.C
It was at the Barclay card arena Birmingham, did research about the Barclay card arena & the feed back wasn't brilliant, see my Husband is disabled & im his carer, & basically it wasn't disabled friendly, & our vehicle is rather large and won't go into most car park & so parking was a problem too & we had to re sell them at a big loss than what we paid them for, hence not seeing them...I was well gutted
Has anyone else had the same problem...with other venues
Why did they choose the Barclay card arena....the N.E.C is 100% better

Please give your thoughts
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