Favorite Delta Machine Tour concert/setlist

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Favorite Delta Machine Tour concert/setlist

Postby jazz thieve » Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:59 pm

Ok, so now that this mighty tour is past I thing we can reflect on the gigs. For those who did several gigs I want to know which was your favorite gig that you attended. And what setlist were you most jealous about not being able to attend?

I only did Antwerp as I didn't have enough money for another gig and I think the acoustics are better in an arena then in a football stadium. So that was another reason. But now that I see how many good songs were dropped (higher love, Secret to the end, BOAG, Goodbye, Soothe My Soul,..) I kinda regret that I didn't do one of the summer venues.

I've been watching the setlist and the one that looked most interesting was the one of Dusseldorf on July the 5th. They made some nice twists that evening: John The Revelator (and still keeping APTIUT), WIME, In your Room, Soft Touch/Raw Nerve, Somebody. I've decided that if the band returns to Dusseldorf during a summer tour to this arena, I'll strongly think of doing this gig.

Anyway, Antwerp was a blast! One of the highlights was someone in the crows throwing a crown to Fletch at the end of the show. He picked it up and walked of the stage with the king's crown on his head.
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Postby readingjess » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:32 am

I was lucky enough to go to 4 shows,my first ever shows - Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

I have to say my favourite night was the 2nd night at Staples Centre,Sept 29th.It was such a good energy that night for some reason,and I was so pleased to see the 'alternate setlist' of that time.

This setlist included Behind the Wheel,John the Revelator,Higher Love,Judas,Condemnation,Question of Lust and World in my eyes.I can happily say that these songs made up for the fact that I still hadn't heard Halo or I Feel You(they were played on the 3rd night)as I believe Dave had been suffering a cold or similar around that time.Martin just brought the house down,it was a great,great night.

As far as shows I would have liked to see,possibly the 2nd London show in May,I would have loved to see Soft Touch,and more recently,any of the shows where Martin sang Slow.

I do feel it's a terrible shame that they dropped Soothe my Soul,Should be Higher,and even Secret to the End and Goodbye - I would have liked to see those songs too,I really enjoy Delta Machine.
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Postby Feeling loved » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:14 pm

I only saw then twice for the first time but I feel fortunate I even did.

Manchester was so special( first time), virgin feelings & a sense of disbelief they were in front of me in the flesh. However, there was something magnificent about Birmingham that I can't explain. I was on Dave's side & the crowd was super amazing. I still get chills remembering the singlongs & cheers.

I'd've been over the moon if I'd heard Soothe my soul, Secret to the end & Goodbye. The second setlist ratites would've been heavenly as well especially Stripped, World in my eyes & In your room.

So next time, I'm definitely aiming at a summer European leg , night 1 & 2 in UK.
Travelling to see them in Paris, Bercy or Milan will also be great depending on budget.

Big thank you to Depeche Mode for everything. Have your break well, you really deserve it &
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Postby markreed » Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:31 pm

The setlist of the 2nd London show, which I was lucky to be at. It was a very special surprise.
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Postby squash11 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:21 pm

favourite for me riga , great atmosphere
was lucky enough to get 5 different setlists from 6 gigs
the two summer shows (budapest and London) were great as there were more songs... mist jtr and wime though
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