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Postby shooshoo » Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:47 pm

My best friend and i did 16 shows on this tour and fulfilled two dreams - one to see them in Germany and the other to see them in the US. So after 2 in London, Berlin, Leipzig, Chula Vista, Santa Barbara, Mountain View, LA x 3, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Glasgow, London, Milan and Bologna, we are feeling slightly down too.

Seeing them perform is always amazing and this tour was very special - not only because we fulfilled our dreams but we heard Leave in Silence, Condemnation, Blue Dress and Judas. Four of the best so thank you Martin.

Dave is such a great front man and Fletch is a legend. Peter and Christian just complete the package.

Thanks DM for a fantastic time in 2013 and 2014. You are the best band in the world and long may you continue to share your music with us fans who love to hear your records. To see you live is the greatest. Until the next time...
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Postby polik » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:07 am

I visited six concerts: Moscow, Minsk, Barcelona, Minsk, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.. This is not enough, but it is a good foundation for the future)
for me the best concert of the visited by me - in Minsk 28/02. David on it seemed to me quite incredible, but emotionally better, perhaps, St. Petersburg.. not the last, namely, the penultimate concert)
But I am grateful to the guys for every show is for those that I was able to visit and those on which attend, unfortunately, failed to... See you next tour! :)
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Post Concert Blues

Postby radiant rainbow » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:26 pm

jazz thieve wrote:It's called post concert blues, mate. ;) And I can tell you with certainty that we probably are all still recovering from it, especially for those who did multiple gigs (post tour blues then, I guess). Only the The Delta Machine Tour blu-ray release can ease the nostalgia now. I hope it will come soon and loaded with bonus tracks and interesting extra's. :p

I have also been suffering from post concert blues for several months. It feels very similar to post holiday blues, only worse, because there are lots of photos and videos posted on-line to keep reminding yourself of the event, which just extends the agony!

So whilst not a cure, I can offer a suggestion - GO AND SEE ANOTHER BAND!

So whilst I still have fond memories of my one and only DM gig, I do not feel quite so blue, having seen another excellent band recently, I can mix my memories up a bit.

Wondering how many bands I will see between now and the next time I see DM.
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