concert in Kyiv (Ukraine), 26 February 2014

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concert in Kyiv (Ukraine), 26 February 2014

Postby melisa » Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:57 pm

I am writing with the hope that Dave, Martin and Andy as well as other members of the group and concert coordinators will read this message and react to it.
The political unrest in Ukraine for the last weeks was escalating and resulted in tragic deaths of up to a hundred of people. 21 -23 February are the official days of mourning. Young men were killed and injured in the central streets of Kyiv . People are coming now there, lighting candles, praying, and crying. The funerals take place in many towns and cities of Ukraine, since all these men who died had come to Kyiv from different corners of our country to fight for freedom, justice and a better future for all of us. I have been crying heavily for the last two days and cannot stop thinking of that loss.
I am a DM devotee from the childhood. I was dreaming to attend the concert of DM in my native town for years. I was in your concert on 29 June this year and I guess you felt that night how much people of Ukraine love your music. I was happy to hear that there was going to be another concert for us in February. But I am here to tell you why I do not like you to play on 26 February 2014 in Kyiv.
The first reason is safety. I am afraid people who arrange the event are interested very much in gaining the profit (the ticket price is very high indeed) and they do not like the idea of cancelling the concert and returning the money. On the other hand, there is still unrest among people in Kyiv and in the whole country as well. To be honest, some of Ukrainian DM devotees do not like the idea of cancelling or deferring this concert. They say that the concert hall is far away from the place where people were shot, so everyone is safe. But I believe that danger may come just from the fact that there is going to be a crowd of people. At the moment the police do not fulfill their duties the way they should. People are of quite different opinions of the tragedy that happened. Thus, I am afraid there might be fights among the DM devotees, if any of them starts an argument.
But this is not the reason why I am personally not going to your concert (as well as other DM devotees who have the same feelings as I do). I am in shock, I feel pain in my heart, I am mourning right now. I just cannot laugh, and enjoy the concert. And I will be hurt to know that you do not show respect to the grief that Ukraine is now experiencing. Injured people are still in hospital and some of them have died today. On 26 February some of the families will have funeral repast, others will have to arrange funerals. That is why I am writing to you and ask to cancel (or defer, if possible) the concert. This will make me (and thousands of other DM devotees) love you even more than before.
This is the only contact that I have found to address the Depeche Mode band members. If they do not read these posts, I am asking those who has direct contact with them to send this message to them.
Thank you for your understanding.
Melisa, from Kyiv
23 February 2014
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Postby depechemodelover101 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:29 pm

Melisa, thank you for your moving reply to this thread. I have reposted it for you on the HOME board as well, so fans there can see your comments. I know the situation in Kiev has been traumatic for all, and while we may be celebrating the removal of the pro-Russian president and the safer conditions for the citizens shown on our news, we forget about the huge pain and suffering that still exists including funerals. May peace come to your country soon and may it be permanent. If the concert does go on, may it be viewed as a celebration of freedom. God bless you and you beautiful country.
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Postby Jim » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:01 pm

I admire how you put your feelings cross without getting into the politically divisive opinions about it. Not an easy thing to do. And I agree with the lady above ... couldn't have put it better wishing you and your fellow countrymen peace. Much Love
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concerto di Kiev

Postby angela » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:09 pm

ancora non so se il concerto c'è a Kiev in questo periodo tanti morti e spero che la pace venga tra voi una devota dei Depeche Mode che scrive da Palermo-Sicilia-Italy,ho visto già i Depeche a Torino PalaIsozaki e x me è stato un delirio e una meraviglia dico sempre che la musica accomuna e che porterà il mondo a migliorare e penso che anche a Kiev sarà di grande auspicio il grande concerto dei Depeche che sanno tanto dare a noi fans....grazie di esistere Dave Gahan, Martin Lee Gore e Andy Fletcher :p
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Postby Feeling loved » Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:49 pm

Thoughts & feelings are with you & the Ukrainian families mourning their beloved ones during these difficult times. I know how it feels as my home country's been through a similar unrest & it hurts to see young youth losing their lives around the world as a price for freedom, a basic human need.
May peace, freedom & justice find your country eventually & for always.
I hope the band make the right decision about the concert!
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Postby Admin » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:05 pm

Depeche Mode regretfully announce that due to the current civil unrest and instability in Kiev and the whole of Ukraine, the concert scheduled for Wednesday, February 26th at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev has been cancelled. The safety and security of the band, crew and fans is the highest priority, and at this time it is not possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable concert experience for everyone involved.

Ticket holders should seek refunds from the ticketing vendor or box office from which they purchased their tickets.

The band’s thoughts are with the Ukrainians during this challenging period and they sincerely look forward to the next time they can perform for the fans in Kiev and Ukraine.
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Postby depechemodelover101 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:37 pm

Good decision I think under very difficult circumstances. Love for the people of Kiev.
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Postby Higher Love » Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:54 am

Hope everything will come back soon into a peaceful life for all the Ukrainians...

Love and Thoughts from Montreal, Canada
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Postby Impedance » Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:14 pm

I'm glad Melisa brought this up and I'm glad to hear DM has cancelled their gig this week in Kiev. As I was born in a heart of West Ukraine (Lviv) I do understand Melisa’s pain as well as greatly appreciate Ukrainian people efforts to restore peace and get things back to normal. I'm also very proud with Ukrainians finally putting pro-Russian presidency to its end and inevitably turning Ukrainian ship onto EU course! I truly hope DM will be so glad to perform in Kiev (and hopefully Lviv too!)
Our prays are for those who lost their lives for freedom and all people of Ukraine!
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Postby bokkie » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:13 am

Wondering if the Moscow show will go ahead after this weekend's events?
Thinking of you, Melisa, and your country. xoxo
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