Jan 27- Birmingham UK- LG Arena

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Postby SDM » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:22 pm

Shake It wrote:I was at the much-discussed Birmingham gig in December 2009....I remember very clearly that we were well into the gig, & everyone around me, & many along the whole side, were still sat down...I also remember looking across to the other side & it was the same....so the obvious question is - HOW was that DM's fault?! What exactly did they do to make everyone so lifeless?! Everybody should be on their feet as soon as the lights go down!

It is not a case of, "Well if you're any good, we'll get up & dance around." We have 3/4 year gaps between DM tours, people should be at least a little bit excited.

My memory is not playing tricks on me - a large % of the fans were half-asleep that night......end of story.

Management of the LG (or NEC Arena as it was then) must have been pumping sleeping gas through the ventilation system or something :confused: Something wasn't right that night (2009) ... was It that the sound was too low? Were they having an 'off' night? Was it that the 15,500 fans that have travelled from across the UK & Europe at great expense collectively couldn't be bothered to get off their backsides and enjoy themselves?? We'll probably never know. All I know is I've seen them on every tour since 1981 (yes, I'm that old!!!) every time in Birmingham and a few times elsewhere, but in 2009 I tried to enjoy it, as I always do, but something was very wrong that night.
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Hi RogueFour

Postby ilovedave » Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:15 am

RogueFour wrote:One question, what was the instrumental track that was being played just before the Boys came on?

for the Italian leg the instrumental track was "Bad Choice" by Mike Duz, played just before the boys come on stage, probably it was for all tour. you can find it on youtube and check it.
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