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Postby Redpitt » Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:51 pm

bluesilver wrote:I have written to Brat about a multi angle video of the RAH gig that i've put together. It is made up of a fan dvd that I downloaded plus a LOT of HD you tube clips. I've also mixed in the LHN sound. I've not put it up anywhere and I've offered it to Brat if he wants it. If he doesn't, I only offered it yesterday, and if it is ok, I'll post it somewhere here.

Hi All,

as I already proposed to Brat, I can offer a free of charge FTP server in order to contribute to serve contents to DMMB users around the world.

Of course, all the stuff should be not copyright protected (for instance, well accepted are performance videos made by fans, official CD/DVD copies will be rejected instead, as paid bootleg releases or band members's private images/videos).

All the stuff proposed by each user, will be put at DMMB moderators attention and NOT published until their final approval.

If you are interested in sharing content, you can contact me via PM.

Bye bye.
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Postby Treat Infamy » Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:27 pm

Admin wrote:Just as Nine Inch Nails fans have gathered together, and made unofficial (and free!) DVDs for the fans, we should do this (unofficially) for Depeche. The two big shows on this last tour (in my eyes, at least) are Royal Albert Hall and the final show in Dusseldorf.

The difference between the DM project idea, and the NIN one, is that NIN officially allowed video recording cameras into the arenas, which made for some great footage. The DM shows were people trying to film a bit more "stealth", so to speak, so the results may not look as good. It would, however, still be a cool document of the shows.

If any of you shot any video (far, close, SD, HD, whatever), contact me ( I will be setting up a FTP shortly to start gathering footage.

This is a fan project. This is not official. This is not for sale. It is made by fans, for fans.

Hi Brat,

It's been a year now since this idea was launched. I was wondering if there had been any further developments. The 'Unofficial' Fan DVD is a great idea and I even considered doing one personally (but for the lack of know-how/resources/time, etc), so I'm keen to fond out how this particular project worked out.

I wait with bated breath. :)
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Postby Admin » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:33 pm

On hold.
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