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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:41 am
by xfactor1979
of course theyre not coming here!

any average australian person has the misguided idea dm are a retro cheesey 80s pop group like ABC or something, and have reformed for some retro 80s gig with 80s haircuts, 80s clothing etc

how little do they know!

although admittedly if dm came out here the australian press would probably ask dumb questions about the retro 80s past

given that is the case, its probably better that they arent coming!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:37 am
by Blade
Ha ha...yeah sad but true!:(
NZ would probably be worse, we both have a bit too much of a 'rugby' 'westy' culture amongst the masses.
That said I am occasionally surprised by peoples positive reaction when I tell them my fav band is DM and that they have never stopped recording. :)
You never know though, it would be great if the made it down this way, if only just one more time, I'd go to any concert within a thousand mile radius and drag along the family and a few friends...:D

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:05 am
by bluedress74
I think alot comes down to publicity by the band. I mean 14 years not coming to our shores is a long drought. I don't know what may happen next year with the extra tour legs. I pray every day but I will not get to excited.

I don't think the press would ask any dumber questions than they did at the Berlin conference. That was embarrassing and just a waste of valuable question time.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:55 am
by Bubcay
Well, I would lie if I said that I am not gutted by the lack of even mentioning Australia as an option.

I was hoping they won't skip us this time.

C’est la vie

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:01 am
by Bubcay
Sorry for formating. I typed the reply in word and copied it here and .....

"Well, I would lie if I said that I am not gutted by the lack of even mentioning Australia as an option.

I was hoping they won't skip us this time.

C’est la vie"

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:51 am
by Ryan.
There is always a chance they'll come here in late 2009! We'll have to wait and see.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:40 pm
by newborn01
Obviously this tour news is fantastic. But really I am only excited when the album is about to come out, as we are grasping at straws for DM to come here. Even if we do have beautiful weather, thousands of fans ....

The title "Tour of the Universe" is hopeful, and I think that the first leg is short is great news as they will be more likely to extend it further. But on the flipside, if it turs out that we are not being included in DM's "Universe", when they are such a big part of mine, would be sad - not quite insulting - but very sad.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:41 pm
by I Feel Loved
I'm hopeful of course, but not banking on DM coming here. I am making other arrangements so we don't miss out next year.

I'm making sure I've got an up to date passport and enough money saved and holiday time owed to me to make an overseas trip next year.

If they won't come to us, we'll have to go to them.

Australia and more in Europe

PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 9:25 am
by Duds
This isn't a rumour, I can back it up with video of Fletch saying this on Tuesday.

" wrote:If you say that’s the tour of Universe, it might be. HAHA. At the moment we’ve just releasing this. I think we are gonna see how the things go and you know, if we’re feeling good and confident, maybe we’ll do more shows in Europe, maybe we’ll do shows in Australia

Another couple of things, Peter is touring as well as Christian and for reasons that escape me he think that Chelsea will beat Hull City....though that question made the cutting room floor so not sure If I can really quote that and besides, it gives Fletch a get out should they get stuffed:D