Is it really Depeche Mode related?

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Is it really Depeche Mode related?

Postby Pelicanito » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:26 pm

Today I had to move a lot of threads to the Not DM related.
If you are unsure ask yourself:

Will people's replies be about the band member's work or not?

For example if it is a DM cover, the replies are more likely to be about the band/artist doing the cover, not the DM song itself: NOT DM related.

If it's about DM fans but the topic itself has nothing to do with DM, then it's NOT DM related.

If it's about another band mentioning DM on a song, interview, etc: NOT DM related (it's more about the other band, right?)

Former band members and different projects: NOT DM related. (e.g.: Erasure, Yazoo, Recoil) The line has become a bit blurry on this though. It's up to you, depending on the particular topic.

DM fans complaining about the forum: Direct your VALID concerns to the moderators, don't create threads for this :P

Thank you.
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