The Quick Tips! (last updated - February 10th, 2013)

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The Quick Tips! (last updated - February 10th, 2013)

Postby Admin » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:09 pm

Quick Tips: (Updated February 10th, 2013)
* Can't log into your account (version 1)? As of February 16th, 2011, we purged over 23,000 dead ("zero-post") accounts. Your account may have been one of those. If your user name can not be found, you might need to re-register. Note: You do not have to have an account to read, only to post. Please read this entire thread to get all of the details of the dead account purge.

* Can't log into your account (version 2)? Did you just register? Registration approvals are every Friday, usually late in the afternoon (Los Angeles time).

* Can't log into your account (version 3)? Tick the "remember me" box, which is just to the right of where you log in! You won't be able to log in otherwise! Yes, we realize that this might be a security risk on a public computer, but this is beyond the power of the Admin. This is a bug in the board software.

* The following email domains are not allowed to register anymore for a new account on this forum, due to extreme spam issues:,,,, Sorry, but a few spammers ruined it for everyone. Please use a different VALID email address to register. If you already have an account with one of these domains, your account is safe, but if you try to edit your own info (and you have one of these accounts), you might run into some problems. Contact a moderator if you have issues.

* Since October of 2008, the Forum and the Announcement List are two separate things! To receive email updates, you must manually join the Announcement List

* Forget your password? Go here to get a new password.

* Editing Posts
Due to abuse, the edit feature is not enabled. This should only affect people who don't know how to use the "preview post" button. This is not a big deal, and those who make a big deal out of it are wasting their time. Please move on...

* Posting Links To Unreleased (Leaked) Content
This is an official forum. You should know better than to post links to leaked material. It you post links to items that are not released yet, you will be banned. This is common sense. Do not act surprised when it happens.
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