Emails to use to join this board...

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Emails to use to join this board...

Postby Admin » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:08 pm

To join this board, we HIGHLY recommend you use a personal email address.

A number of accounts (over 7,000) are being deleted. Why? Because the email addresses that were used to join this board were bouncing back (full mailboxes, fake emails, incorrectly typed emails, et cetera). FYI, no email address looks like this:

Ok, so as for email addresses we suggest you don't use, they are as follows:

* Work email addresses. If you lose your job, your work email dies.
* School email addresses. You won't be in school forever. When you leave, your email dies.
* Mobile accounts.

If you have your own domain, great...use that. If you use, Hotmail, Yahoo, et cetera, great. Just please don't use the above.

If you are one of the 7,000+ people who now have no account, this is why. Want to come back on board? Simply make a new account. Your username will be available. All you will essentially lose is your post count, and your private messages.

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