Dalys Remixes

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Dalys Remixes

Postby MrDave » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:03 pm

I come to you with remixes of songs like Poorman, I Want It All, Miles Away/The Truth Is, My Little Universe and Scum. They are located under these links:
Poorman https://youtu.be/SFHlE62oyCI
https://soundcloud.com/dalysmusic/depec ... -dalys-mix
- I Want It All https://youtu.be/2VqzYVQ5yL4
https://soundcloud.com/dalysmusic/depec ... alys-remix
- Miles Away/The Truth Is https://youtu.be/SRGNZ23P5l4
https://soundcloud.com/dalysmusic/depec ... alys-remix
- My Little Universe https://youtu.be/_-IC54gnAYw
https://soundcloud.com/dalysmusic/depec ... alys-remix
- Scum https://youtu.be/R6meQQIyNwg
https://soundcloud.com/dalysmusic/depec ... n-scum-mix
I hope you will like it and will often come back to them.
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Re: Dalys Remixes

Postby member » Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:55 pm

Have not been able to listen to all of them yet, but Poorman is nice and subtle.
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