Anybody buying the TTA DM MP3 player?

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Postby sweet15-no-more- » Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:43 pm

I'd actually buy the player if I weren't so low on cash and saving up for all the Remasters - frankly I am sick of music players with other functions like pic viewing and vid playing that only waste battery life with their big screens. Sure the memory isn't that much but it looks small enough, and nice enough to get carried around everywhere. And it's got Mr. Feathers on it.

Again, if I only had a little free cash :P
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Postby Oh wow » Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:44 pm

UselessAdvice wrote:Sorry - but 2 GB memory is not enough for a serious music fan. That will only hold about 500 songs (33 hours of music at MP3 128kbps).

I strongly recommend the 2005 Sony HD5 Walkman (20 GB) or if you can find it the 30 GB version (HD5H). This player has officially been discontinued by Sony - but you can still find some of them on sale at reduced price (like around 200 euros). Amazing battery life and sound quality compared to an iPod and it is fully compatible with MP3 and also the superior ATRACplus format. This means you can store up to 10 000 songs on the 20 GB player. SonicStage software is included with the player or latest version can be downloaded from Sony website. Other benefits are a rechargeable battery you can replace yourself (in case it ever needs to be replaced) and a "line out" audio option which means you can connect it to any kind of amplifier (also works very well with the aux input of my car stereo).

Here is an independent review and some pictures:

Since the above review was written, the SonicStage software has been improved. You can now download SonicStage 4.0 from Sony websites (free).

Personally I think that ATRACplus 64kbps files sound just fine. In laboratory tests it has been shown to sound as good as MP3 128kbps. But only half the file size!

I bought a silicone sleeve for my player (as an accessory) which protects it from scratches and also prevents the buttons from cracking.

Thankyou, Mr. Sony salesman
Oh wow

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Postby UselessAdvice » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:49 am

Oh wow wrote:Thankyou, Mr. Sony salesman

You're right. They should pay me! :icon_wink

Seriously - if you are interested in sound quality, memory size and battery life - then you should consider getting a Sony player.

But if you are more interested in colour screens and watching "Desperate Housewives" on the bus - then probably Apple iPod is better.

Unfortunately Sony decided to give up on the NW-HD5 after just a few months and replace it with the NW-A3000 (available in black, silver or violet!). Personally I prefer the look of the HD5 but apparently the A3000 has more advanced capacities for things like playlists etc.

Sony also make a smaller cheaper player called the A1000, with 6GB of memory (or the A1200 with 8GB). It's a serious alternative to the iPod nano.
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