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Helsinki, Finland reviews (spoiler)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:56 pm
by KimKrister
Another Helsinki message-chain is so long, perhaps it´s better to type here reviews...


> Intro
> A Pain That I'm Used To
> John The Revelator
> A Question Of Time
> Policy Of Truth
> Precious
> Walking In My Shoes
> Suffer Well
> Damaged People
> Home
> I Want It All
> The Sinner In Me
> I Feel You
> Behind The Wheel
> World In My Eyes
> Personal Jesus
> Enjoy The Silence
> Shake The Disease
> Just Can't Get Enough
> Everything Counts
encore #2
> Never Let Me Down Again
> Goodnight Lovers

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:18 pm
by KimKrister
Just beeing at home after DM`s show. Few notes from there... I will type more tomorrow.

From first song to last one Dave and Martin were relaxed and seemed to enjoy what they are doing. That was nice to see and hear :)

Audience stood still during A Pain That I'm Used To and John The Revelator. Dave worked hard/ all the time to get audience warmed and chilled right from the start. I liked that! Finally during Policy Of Truth audience went louder and that time DM was pleased.

During Home, Martin got wild receive. He sang beautifully and clear. He ran to the catwalk for few lines then ran back to the stage and continued singing. He took his mohawk away, threw it to the stage... and near end of Home he kicked mohawk at made a goal to left side of the stage and laughed :D

Next came I Want It All. Just when audience was loud after Home it went silent and stood still again.

World In My Eyes. Dave represented Fletch. All cameras filmed him and Fletch tried to show with singns to cameramen that film Dave not him :) And Fletch the man was on spotlight :)

Shake The Disease! My God... this was the song when I hooked with DM in 1985. Thank you Martin. Again he got good recieve.

Just Can't Get Enough. Dave tried to make audience sing few lines of this song. He wasn´t pleased for result. He said:" Well... I can´t say... this far."

Sound quality. Some instruments and soun were clear but overall it came too loud with roar noise. Half of the show Dave sang with his basso voice... for my opinion. Matrin had clearer and better voice. Thats why he got louder applause I think.

I sat Martin´s side. Most of the time Martin and Dave looked my direction... I was pleased :) Thank you DM.

More tomorrow.

And by the way. I noticed that most of the people sat through whole show ??? Can´t understans that. I got feeling that DM womt come here next time...

Sound quality.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:41 pm
by The Finn
I thought it was pretty amazing. But I have to admit I felt a bit down when people didn't sing along, or sing along loudly enough. I guess Dave just kind of got them off-guard, and it's pretty typical for us Finns to not do something unless someone else does it first. Unless we're drunk, that is. :p Although during "Personal Jesus" eeeveryone got into it, and that was really really cool.

I was very pleased to hear Martin sing "Home", and he did indeed sing it beautifully. :)

As for Dave, I think he did an excellent job to get the audience charged up, especially in my case; I had clapped along for so long, I seriously wasn't able to lift my arms up at all, but when Dave tells you to lift your hands up, you do it, and I sure as hell did. :D And Fletch seemed SO pleased at the audience's reactions! Bless him!

As for the sound, I thought it was pretty great, some bits did come out slightly louder than I expected, though. But that's kind of the idea, I guess. ;)

Thanks for the setlist, by the way. I'm off to buy the tracks I don't own yet on iTunes. :)

I'll try to write more tomorrow as well.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:42 pm
by sisterofnight62
Great night in Helsinki tonight! I'm feeling incredibly good at the moment, sort of half incredulous that I really had the privilege to attend another DM gig. What is more, it was all great, the setlist was phenomenal and there was not a dull moment during the gig. In 2001, perhaps because of the previous album not translating that well live, there were times when the energy between the crowd and the band sort of dropped. Tonight was different. Playing The Angel songs are absolutely great live. I Want It All was the biggest pleasant surprise, I guess, after all slightly negative remarks that I've read about it from other concert goers. Others were good, too. I Feel you was very intense, and Enjoy The Silence was one of the highlights for the crowd who could've sung 'til next morning.

What I simply can't understand, is how Dave gets only better with age. Man, he's in great shape, both physically and artistically. His singing only improves, so I wonder how good he's going to be, where's the limit! What also struck me, Dave, Mart, Fletch, were all in great mood, all smiles and kisses and waves to the audience. We Finns obviously don't know how to sing EC & JCGE, because that was the only part of the set where both Dave and the crowd didn't quite know what to do. Shame on us! Other singing parts went much better.

The absolute low point of the night was a couple of twats in the audience. I was lucky to sit in a section where most people sang and danced all night. Behind me sat a very sour couple who demanded us all to sit down and they went on and on and on and refused to move to another place where there were couple of free seats next to less dance-y people. I feel sorry for them, but I'm not going to concerts to sit on my butt and be quiet. I'm there to enjoy. I can't understand why they refused to stand up and have a good time. The girl next to me got a bit offended for the twats, I got a bit mad, and it was less fun for a little bit. Sort of drop in the atmosphere. But then, Dave did I Feel You, and I forgot all about the twats.

Um, that's about it. Can't think of anything else. Tired, I guess. But this sure was another night to remember for a very long time!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:42 am
by Delirium
I definitely need to go lie down, but just a quick word. Brilliance! I loved the show, we had a great view and... I had just missed the guys live so so much. Awesome.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:37 am
by sisterofnight62
The Finn wrote:I thought it was pretty amazing. But I have to admit I felt a bit down when people didn't sing along, or sing along loudly enough. I guess Dave just kind of got them off-guard, and it's pretty typical for us Finns to not do something unless someone else does it first. Unless we're drunk, that is. :p

I agree. I guess it's typical for us Finns to get very confused when we don't know what to do. During EC and JCGE definitely was a moment of confusion. Both songs, well, especially JCGE went down very well, but not knowing what to do was like "help, what am I supposed to do here, I don't know what to do, so I freeze, eeeekkkkk!!!". The two encores caused some confusion, too. People didn't know what to expect and quite a few left before NMLDA and GL. Also a ballad in the end, no matter how beautifully sang (it was *so* beautiful *sigh*), leaves some people baffled waiting for another song to end up the show. Quite a lot of cause for confusion =)

But I have to say about the singing that it's so much where you are and what the people around you are doing. In 2001 I was almost the only one singing and dancing and generally keeping up the noise in my section, now there were many more. Minus the twats. Oh geesh. The twats said that the floor is for dancing and singing, and seats are for sitting back and remaining motionless. So very sad people. I'm still a bit sore at them, because they fucking spoiled for me a part of the set that I had especially been waiting for (SW, DP..). In fact, in a sense, I had more fun at BSB gig, because *everyone* was there for the good time, not for being an ass. I just can't think what the reaction would've been, had I made the banner I originally was planning to do.

The sound levels were much better than in '01. Dave's mic wasn't the best, in the beginning there was a Donald Duck effect (a weird distortion), but they fixed it later (I think). Martin's mic and vocals were absolutely fantastic all night. My ears didn't particularly like The Bravery being too loud, but miraculously the ears opened during the first half of the DM gig. I realized it from starting to hear my own voice -- when you're almost deaf, you sing as loud as you can, but with your ears open there's less shouting and more singing.

It appeared to me that Mart and Dave had kinda divided the audience in half like "this is mine, you take them". Martin spent most of the time on our part of the venue, and Dave the other side. However, Dave did come at times to acknowledge us, too, and that was so endearing. The happy look on his face, the happy smiles, and his reaction to our love were so great to see. Obviously this was one of the better nights for them, too. Apart from the typical Finnish confusions :D

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:04 am
by music-is-my-radar
The gig was fantastic, I’ve been smiling ever since! Dave was clearly enjoying himself. I can’t believe he has so much energy when he basically has to do the same thing day after day. Martin was absolutely adorable when he did his solo numbers, especially Shake The Disease was so beautiful. I managed to get a very good spot on Martin’s side of the stage and ended up less than 10 rows from the stage with no ridiculously tall people standing in front of me so I was very happy indeed. I didn’t even need the earplugs, the sound level was just perfect for me. The crowd was a slight disappointment. Nobody around me was singing. But on the other hand, the crowd was very well behaved. There was no surge forward when the band came on stage, no crazy dancing or falling over drunk. If I heard right Dave said at the end “see you next year”. I’m definitely going to be there! The highlight of the evening: hundreds of heterosexual men screaming their heads off when Dave took his top off.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:10 am
by register
music-is-my-radar wrote:If I heard right Dave said at the end “see you next year”.

I think he says "See you next time!" at the end of every show :)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:12 am
by register
Oh, yeah...dont' belong to review species but atleast that sound was better (from where I was stanging) then it was in Globen :D

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 11:21 am
by sisterofnight62
register wrote:I think he says "See you next time!" at the end of every show :)

Yep, every show except Stockholm :D

I agree, Shake The Disease was fabulous! I love the song, it was one the first Depeche songs back in the '80s that I liked even without knowing it was Depeche. The other one was People are People. It was great to sing it with Martin!