[dm announcement list] March 14th 2008 update

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[dm announcement list] March 14th 2008 update

Postby Admin » Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:11 am

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[March 14th, 2008]


DM on Facebook! Details on site!

This Announcement List will be moving back to the depechemodedotcom message board on April 2nd! Details on site!

The site has had a slight tweaking. Along with the old Archives now blending in a bit more with the main site, you should also see some overall speed improvements.

Don't forget about the revamped Discography area, complete with direct purchase links for all in-print items!


"Hourglass Remixes" is out this week!

This special US-only release is only being sold at independent shops (read: no Amazon, no iTunes, no Best Buy, et cetera). As such, some people who don't have a local independent music shop around them might be having a problem finding the vinyl + cd release. Have no fear...

On Dave's site (Release page), you will find a link to a US independent retailer (Lou's Records, in Encinitas, California), who offers online sales! For those of you who prefer "brick and mortar" shopping, there is also a link to Think Indie. Think Indie has a list of independent record stores across the US. Please note that many of the sites listed on Think Indie do not offer online sales. This is why we are offering the link to Lou's Records. Also, European fans, don't fret! MuteBank has imported copies of the US-only release in stock! They even have a special t-shirt bundle offer! Again, all the links you need are on the site!

Dave is on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account, be sure to add him to your friends!


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