[dm announcement list] February 29th 2008 update

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[dm announcement list] February 29th 2008 update

Postby Admin » Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:09 am

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[February 29th, 2008]


The Discography overhaul is complete!

When you visit the Albums, Singles or Home Video areas of the Discography, you will find direct sales links for every "in-print" (currently available to buy) Depeche Mode release! Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes UK, iTunes US, MuteBank and Mute Downloads (7digital) are all represented. Want to buy a DM item, but can't find it easily? Use the Discography!

Also new to the Discography area is the new "Toggle" feature! When you are on a release page, it shows (by default) every commercial, promotional and "out-of-print" release. Want to see just the "in-print" items? Hit the toggle! Want to see everything again? Hit the toggle again!

Go give the Discography a spin. We hope you enjoy the improvements!


The "Dave Vest" auction for The Grammy Foundation is over. Dave's vest went for $2,225.00! Thanks to all who submitted bids, and congratulations to the winner!

Remember: Hourglass Remixes in March! Saw Something CD / 12" / 7" picture disc / digital single(s) out now! If you are not in the US, MuteBank will have a limited supply of the US "Hourglass Remixes" album. There is a direct sales link on Dave's site, under "Releases".


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