[dm announcement list] January 15th 2008 update

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[dm announcement list] January 15th 2008 update

Postby Admin » Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:03 pm

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[January 15th, 2008]


Happy '08 everyone! It's "Construction Time Again" at depeche mode dot com...

Watch for a bit of a tweaking of the main site over the next few weeks. One new addition already in place is our new "Welcome" greeting. If you are a member of our Message Board / Forum (and you have cookies enabled in your web browser), you will be greeted with your Forum username!

Another key site upgrade will be the moving of this mailing list. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

In the next few months, we will be moving away from using this current method for sending out our email blasts, and moving back to using our Forum member list. Over the years, we have noticed that having two different areas for fans to sign up to is rather confusing, therefore we are going back to using the Forum for the email list. One place to sign up. One place to go for info. Easy.

What this means to you: If you do not have an account on our forum, and you wish to continue to receive these emails, go make an account now! Do not wait! Accounts are free! The quality and content of the emails will not be changed. You will not get spammed. Also, for those of you who are not big on using web forums, you do not have to actually post, or participate on the Forum. You simply need the account to get all the extras the site offers now, and in the future (contests, email blasts, new release alerts, et cetera). Don't delay. Make an account today! We can not just make an account for you. You must make your own account.

It's easy, and quick. Take a moment, and register on the Forum today! Be sure to watch for the email from the Forum, confirming your account. After that, (usually every Friday morning), your account will be approved, and you will be ready to go!

We will be putting reminders regarding the email list move in future emails, so everyone gets the message before the move!


Check out the new European single for "Saw Something / Deeper + Deeper"! Links available to physical formats (7" picture disc, CD and 12") and digital downloads are on Dave's site, as well as a number of sound samples in the "Audio" area! Come on Europe! Let's get the single to #1!

For the US fans, don't fret. If you can not obtain the physical releases via your local import store or MuteBank, or you are having problems obtaining the digital releases, there will be an upcoming Dave Gahan remix album in the US, which will feature a number of the tracks. Be sure to watch the site for details on this release, coming soon!

Lastly, we had a brief period where the "Saw Something" music video had accidentally been removed from YouTube. We are sorry to the fans who wanted to see the video, and could not. The video is back online now (via the same YouTube link as before).


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