[dm announcement list] November 16th update

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[dm announcement list] November 16th update

Postby Admin » Sat Nov 17, 2007 1:52 am

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[November 16th, 2007]


New Fletch DJ Dates! Mr Fletcher has added more dates to his DJ tour! Check the web site for the latest additions.

We have received some feedback on the new navigation bar. While having everything in one place is being greeted with good reviews, some people found themselves clicking the "return to home" link, instead of the item they really wanted. Therefore, some space has been added, as a buffer, between the main navigation, and the "return to home" link. We hope this fixes any problems people might be experiencing. Thanks to all for the feedback!


Check out the Pictures area for exclusive images taken by Michael Angelo, at the recent Apple Store Soho performance.


"More than a party...tomorrow in L.A., at least"

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