[dm announcement list] November 10th update

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[dm announcement list] November 10th update

Postby Admin » Sun Nov 11, 2007 1:07 am

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[November 10th, 2007]


Store update: A new sticker set has been added to the European store. The set will be added to the North American store shortly...

Full site update: Now, every page of the main depechemode.com site, the huge "Archives" area, and even our fan forum, are now linked together with a unified navigation bar.

For those of you who have always looked at our old navigation bar, and wondered what "Archives" was, now you can see the answer!

We hope you enjoy the enhancement to the web site, and that it helps answer questions you might have of DM.


Check out a Dave Gahan live performances in the AT&T blue room!.....See it all at attblueroom.com/music

The second single from "Hourglass" will be "Saw Something / Deeper And Deeper". The cover is now up on the web site.

Check out clip #13 of the "In The Studio" sessions. We have had some questions arise from these "in the studio" video clips. To answer them all now: Yes, Dave has more than one white shirt. Yes, the video was actually filmed over a two day period, and is being released onto the web in a weekly format. And...yes, the boys recorded the video themselves. We hope you are enjoying the clips. Three of the clips are actually hidden on the CD + DVD release of "Hourglass" (after the credits - hint), and another few clips are coming soon to a Mute Podcast. Keep an eye out!

On Dave's YouTube channel, we have added a number of clip's to the "Favorites" area. These clips are from TV, cell phone cameras, et cetera, and cover some of the recent press that Dave has done. Check it out!

Coming next update: Exclusive images from Michael Angelo, taken at the recent Apple Store performance!


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