1985 Catching up with Depeche Mode

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1985 Catching up with Depeche Mode

Postby JIZBEANO1 » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:45 pm

I was over at a friends house listening to my signed Ministry records when my buddy pulled out some DM records. I had a laughing fit looking at them..Martin Gore apparently enjoyed dressing up as a girl. It was off their Sire record, Catching up with Depeche Mode. I loved the 80's but seeing these pictures made my night. I especially like the black and white one in the center with Martin standing in line and Dave hiding behind looking oh so evil. :)
I have a boyfriend that looks like the spitting image of Dave, but of corse in his younger years. Sigh, if only his name wasn't John Paul.

"You are the sweetest perfection...The deepest perfection...The sweetest injection of pain."

It sounded like it was an old "Just one Fix" song for Dave.
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